Monday, May 14, 2012

Finally Back Plus FB Timeline Covers

I want to say that I am back and feeling better after a month and half hiatus.

Many things happening around my world. My daughter and her 2 girls, my granddaughters, have moved back with me. Since this is a 1 bdrm apt, you can imagine the adjusting we are all doing. My granddaughters are 4 & 5 so they think all of this is just a new adventure. Through the eyes of children, the world looks great!

There is a new project on the horizon but we have not been able to confirm the opening date so I will just say that as soon as we are set, I'll make an announcement. We are shooting for June 1st but again... that is tentative.

Many of you are using Facebook. I make my own timeline covers so I will post some here. If you would like to comment about the themes you would like, that will give me an idea of what to make. Be aware that some artist have included in their TOU that their tubes are NOT allowed for Facebook Timeline Covers.

I made these Covers this morning from the new scrap kit by Rebel Without A Pause Designs titled "The Roses" and this part of the kit is "The Roses: Roses for Momma". Click to view full size, save to your computer and upload to your facebook account.


Graphics 4 Fun FB Timeline Covers

The second Facebook Timeline Cover is a frame with a transparent center, in which you can insert a photo of your family or friends, or anything you wish. Just open your favorite photo editing program, open this image (once you have downloaded it to your computer) and then create a new layer beneath the Cover image and then open your family or friend image, move it between the two layers until you are satisfied and merge all and save as a new image.

I have received a lot of compliments on the choice of font I used. You can find the font at FontYukle, click here: "BickhamScriptFancy2".

This second framed FB Timeline Cover has a 1930s Alfons Mucha image.  I love Alfons Mucha art and use it as often as I can.


Enjoy and don't forget to point folks back here to grab the timeline covers. Please leave a comment, thank you.

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