Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update on the computer issue

I thoroughly researched the "missing gdiplus.dll" problem. I tried all the simple solutions (delete the corrupted fonts, searching the trash for accidentally deleted file, etc) that I found in the various forums and on the web.

I finally found where I should download and extract a gdiplus.dll file to my Windows\System32 folder, which I did. Then go to "Run" and type in "regsvr32 gdiplus.dll" and click "Ok".

Under "normal" circumstances, this would "load" the missing .dll file and all would be wonderful, right? NOT!

I received a new error message stating the file had loaded BUT "the DLLRegisterServer could not find the entry point", the entry point was missing, therefore the gdiplus.dll could not be registered by the system. So the problem is within the Windows XP Pro system and as soon as I find the installation disk that came with the computer, I should be able to do a repair install and hopefully THAT will fix the problem.

Interesting that Adobe products do not seem to need this file to operate since my Adobe products will operate. 

Oh... Internet Explorer will not function neither. I use Firefox and do not seem to have any problems there. 

I am posting this as an FYI to anyone out there who may be having the same computer issue.

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