Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PSP vs PS For Me

First, I am NO expert by any means of either program. I am just a grandmother who enjoys tubes, tagging, digital photography and digital crafts.

I have used PSP (PaintShop Pro X and then X2) since about 2009 or thereabout. Originally using it only to touch up my ancestral photos since I am also a family genealogist. In fact, I had no idea what "Noise" was or why anyone would want it and almost deleted it from my PSP X program.

Most know I joined Animation Lessons in Aug 2010 and there I discovered what one could do with "Noise" and the entire host of goodies in PSP X and with Animation Shop 3.11.


I moved up to X2 in 2011 due to corruption of some files and became comfortable with that program in short order.

Several weeks ago I suffered yet another, more serious issue, which is going to cause me to reformat my hard drive in a few weeks as I am waiting for a 1TB external hard drive so I can move files over for preservation.

Due to this more recent issue, I bought Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 from Amazon.com.

I bought this version because my cousin (a scrap kit designer) uses this and was able to bring me up to speed quickly

Since I have been using both, I must say there some things I like about both programs and some things I dislike about both programs.  Again, not being an expert with either, this is not an exhaustive comparison, nor is it meant to be.

Over all, I find PSP to be more user friendly and easier to grasp the concept of getting what you want to do to come together on the workspace.  In all fairness, this may just be due to my longer usage of the program and have nothing to do with the programs at all.

I do like the way you can close off layers in PS and save as a .png  or .jpg any single layer. I can't do this in PSP.

Also, there are the great styles one can apply to text that you don't have with PSP, or at least I have not found them.

I do NOT like how I can not create text on a layer in PS and just copy and paste it into Animation Shop as a new animation without it appearing on a white background. I have to save each text layer as a .png and then open it in AS if I want to have the transparent background. 

Most of the same filters work in each program but Corel has a few standard filters (like the bubbles) that I can't duplicate in PS.

Again, all of this could just be due to operator error and NOT program defects.

Both programs are great and even after I reformat my hard drive, I will continue to use both programs.

I would really like to get some feedback because I'll bet many of you have used both programs and can offer even more information than my little spattering here.


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