Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fonts and more fonts

Don't you just love fonts? Seriously, no self-respecting tagger can have too many fonts! But where to find new fonts besides the same old places?

I use to download a lot of the free fonts from but they changed to a installer with each download. The first time I tried it, I had some trash that was installed as well (toolbar) so I just do not use them any more.

Have you tried Google Web Fonts? Go through the list, clicking "add to collection" and when you are done, just "download collection". Awesome!

Another great site is which is a paid-font site however there are free fonts if you search. You'll find many of Ray Larabie's fonts. See a collection of Larabie Fonts HERE. These free fonts can also be used commercially.

Another site is MaxFonts. It is a simple looking site but there are loads of fonts.

Absolute Fonts Archive is an interesting font site and I just stumbled upon it from surfing the web for fonts. They claim over 6,800 fonts. You could be there for days. I did find some I did not have and I only made it to "G" before my eyes gave out.

This site,, boast 78,102 fonts! No, haven't counted them to make sure. offers a collection of Commercial free fonts. This is great if you are a scrapbook designer or a word art creator.

Another great site to download fonts which can be used commercially is the font section of  There are little "i" icons which give you more information and many of the fonts will state whether the font can be used commercially or not.

A site for premium fonts is Free Premium Fonts.  I didn't see a whole lot of new fonts for me but I have memory cards full of fonts (2,680 just in my windows font folder) so there may be some fonts that "normal" folks don't have.

This little collection of font sites should keep you busy for a while, looking for great fonts to add to your collection, so from one font addict to another.... happy searching. 

Also, there is a Yahoo group for folks who love fonts. This group is a non-post-to group. You join and about once a month or so, you'll receive a zip of fonts the group owner has put together. Go through and delete what you don't want and keep the rest. No sharing of the links to zips so be sure to read the rules!

Click to join fontpacks
Click to join fontpacks

If you have a favorite font site not listed here, please share it in a comment. 

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