Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What is your favorite Cause?

One of the members of a group I frequent asked a great question: "Do you make tags for Causes?"  This member is not a tagger herself and she has some Causes she cares deeply about. She is having a difficult time finding tags and forum sets which would promote her Causes.

Since I felt this was a great question, I want to post a poll and see which Causes are the most followed, and then I will try to make some sets/tags so folks can have these.

Please vote for the Causes you are active in or would like to be active in. If your favorite Cause is not listed or if you can think of one not represented here, please click Other and post that in a comment. I was only able to allow for 20 slots and I could think of others but, let me know what YOU want.

Thank you to all who participate.

Tags for Causes

What Causes would you like tags for


Animal Abuse


Battered Women

Be A Volunteer


Death with Dignity

Down Syndrome

Elderly Abuse


Global Warming



Law Enforcement

Mental Health


Save the Planet

Support Our Troops



View Result

blog poll

The results are in and the voting is now closed. Thank you to those who participated.

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