Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jody Bergsma Changes TOU

Since Oct 23rd I have been in contact with Jody Bergsma of Bergsma Gallery Press in the hopes of having her Terms of Use modified so taggers would be able to use her wonderful art work.

Her previous TOU had stated tags were acceptable but only with a "clickable link". Taggers know there is just no way to fulfill this requirement.

Today I called and left a message on her voice mail and to my surprise & joy, she emailed me this afternoon to let me know the TOU have been changed.

Now we CAN use her art for forum sets and tags however the URL IS REQUIRED ON THE AVATAR. While not the standard requirement, I am certainly not going to complain about having to include the url!

All tags, siggy tags and avatars must include the following, legibly posted:
© Jody Bergsma –

New TOU:

Signature Tags/Avatars: We do allow our artwork to be used for this purpose if Jody has a name credit written on the actual signature as well as Jody's website included in it or below it in the case of images. Each and every time that signature or avatar is posted somewhere, it must have the name credit and website address visible.

Thank you Jody Bergsma!

By using any item from this Blog, you agree to the TOU.

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